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In Newfoundland every new driving license applicant is automatically entered in to a Graduated Driver License Program. This system has three stages which require to be completed prior to receiving a full class 5 license. During the first stage, a driver has to pass a knowledge test consisting of Newfoundland road rules and traffic signs questions. Once passed a driver will receive a Class 5 level 1 learner license which needs to be held for 12 months. This time period can be reduced to 8 months by taking an approved driving course from driving schools in Newfoundland. For the second stage a driver has to pass the road test and once passed the driver will receive a Class 5 level 2 license. For the third stage after holding a Class 5 level 2 license for 2 years, a driver is eligible to take the second road test. Successful completion of this second road test allows a driver to receive a full Class 5 license.

For more details visit: Newfoundland Driver's License Website

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After reading the Newfoundland driver's hand book, you can take our Class 5 Level I online practice test to test your Newfoundland road rules and traffic sign knowledge.

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Driver's license services are available at any Newfoundland driver license offices.

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To book your driving test please visit: Book a road test - Newfoundland

It is essential to get some road practice before attempting the road driving test. Newfoundland driving schools can provide you with the required training to be a better driver on Newfoundland roads.

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