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Getting a Motorcycle License in Manitoba

In order to get a Manitoba motorcycle license, you must first hold a learner's permit of any class. With this in hand, you can proceed through the graduated program and the motorcycle training course requirement to earn your full Class 6M motorcycle license.

1. Pass the Written Knowledge Test

In order to get your Class 6L learner's permit to ride a motorcycle, you will need to pass a written knowledge test. This test will ask you questions taken from the motorcycle handbook, and will focus on Manitoba rules of the road and road signs, with a focus on motorcycle safety. You can prepare in advance for this test using's practice learner's tests.

2. Take a Motorcycle Safety Course

Manitoba requires you to take a training course as a part of the motorcycle licensing procedure. You must complete an approved course as well as pass the written test in order to obtain your Class 6L license. can help you to locate an approved motorcycle training school. This course will also help to prepare you for the upcoming road test and improve your motorcycle skills.

3. Take the Road Test for the Class 6I

Once you've held a 6L for 9 months, you can take the road test for the Intermediate license. Schedule your test at any Manitoba Driver Licensing office. This road test will ask you to prove your skills on a motorcycle, and once passed will lift some of the restrictions from your license. You will need to spend 15 months on the 6I license, after which you will be upgraded to the full Class 6 license. Although you don't have to do anything for the upgrade to occur, you do need to keep a clean driving record and follow all license restrictions. Even fully licensed riders muct have a 0 blood alcohol level at all times for the first 36 months of the full license.

4. Get Insured

In Manitoba all riders are required to have insurance for their motorcycle. Autopac provides insurance for motorcycles as well as for cars; be sure to get insured as soon as you are licensed.

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