Ontario Car Insurance Quotes - Top ten ways to lower your rates

Published on Oct 10, 2013

Everyone wants lower car insurance rates, and there are a lot of myths and rumors floating around about just how to bring the premiums down. Getting the cheapest car insurance in Ontario without giving up the coverage you need is absolutely possible, and there are a number of ways to go about it. These top ten tips will help you to pay less every year while keeping the peace of mind of great coverage.

1. Raise Your Deductible

Don't be afraid to carry a higher deductible; it only applies when you use your collision coverage. So the longer you go without an accident, the more money you save. Most people come out ahead in only a few years with a higher deductible.

2. Double Check Your Discounts

Not every discount will be applied to your account automatically. Ask the insurance company for a list of available discounts to determine which ones you might qualify for, and make sure to provide any needed documentation to keep your discounts in place, such as proof of security system installation.

3. Combine Your Policies

Combining your auto policy with your home, tenant, and even life or other insurance policies not only reduces your auto insurance rate, it can also reduce the premiums on your other policies as well. When getting Ontario car insurance quotes, ask them to quote your other policies as well to see if they can save you more.

4. Pay In Full

Many insurance companies offer you a discount if you pay the full amount of your premium at the beginning of the term. You will also save on service fees that are often charged on monthly accounts.

5. Shop Smart When Buying a Car

When you're looking for a new car, be sure to consider insurance rates and not just car loan payments. Some cars are much more expensive to insure than others, so quote before you buy. By getting car insurance quotes Ontario drivers can make sure they don't buy a car that will come with big surprise on the insurance bill.

6. Review Your Policy

Reviewing your policy every year on renewal can make sure you catch anything that might have changed and could mean a lower rate, like a shorter commuting distance or a car that's rated with the wrong driver. Car insurance companies don't always catch those things, so keep tabs on your policy.

7. Drop Coverage You Don't Use

If you never rent a car, there is no reason to pay for rental car coverage. If you've already got a roadside assistance plan elsewhere, such as CAA, you don't need to be paying premiums to have it on your car insurance. Chipping away at the options you never use can result in big savings.

8. Add Security Features To Your Car

Not only will your car be safer from theft, but a good security system will also earn you a discount on your car insurance. The cheapest car insurance in Ontario is available to those who are a lower risk to the insurance company; a car less likely to be stolen is a lower risk of a claim.

9. Use Winter Tires

Using a set of winter tires during the cold months is another way to get a discount on your car insurance. It also makes you safer on the road and less likely to have an accident, which keeps your insurance rates low.

10. Shop Around Regularly

The best way to make sure you're paying the lowest rate possible is to compare Ontario insurance rate quotes regularly. Once a year on renewal is the most common time to do this, but you can shop around as often as you like, and at any point in your policy term.

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