Shop Insurance Canada Rating Engine: Fast, Accurate, and Easy

Published on Feb 17, 2016
Shop Insurance Canada Rating Engine: Fast, Accurate, and Easy Image

Shop Insurance Canada ( has developed one of the best auto insurance quoting tools currently available online, focusing on giving consumers fast and detailed quotes when shopping for car insurance in Canada. The rating engine offers plenty of sought after features for customers and recently the company even tweaked the tool to include ride-sharing specific results.

When using the Shop Insurance Canada rating engine, it is clear that the company sought out simplicity and ease of use. It's a good thing too, quote tools can sometimes be overly complicated, and in a consumer environment that moves quickly, efficiency is key. Customers want access to information quickly, and with the SIC tool they can access quotes on PC and mobile devices thanks to the dynamic interface that crosses form factors.

Each part of the quote form comes with a drop down menu of selections, so the user always knows definitively what they are choosing, allowing for a more accurate result. Speed was key to the developers of the engine, so the quote form only includes 14 questions that can deliver a quote result in 30 seconds in many cases.

This ease of use really makes Shop Insurance Canada a fun place to do quotes, with the drop down menus allowing you to zip through questions with ease, thanks to just a few clicks of your mouse or touches of you mobile screen.

Of course, speed without accuracy is meaningless, but the Shop Insurance Canada engine treads a fine balance of efficiency and giving consumers detailed quotes that meet their criteria. The questions asked are geared towards getting an accurate quote with minimum fuss, with consumers able to customize the quote with such criteria as including telematics device and/or winter tires.

The customization certainly does not end there, with the SIC rating engine allowing users to select multi-vehicle and multi-driver quoting. The tool scours the Canadian auto insurance market and finds car insurance quotes from over 25 of the largest coverage providers in the country.

After the initial process, the system produces the three best premium rates from insurance providers in Canada, based on the driver and vehicle criteria provided. From this stage consumers can fine tune their results by adding accidents and convictions, discounts, and the type of coverage they want. It is an intuitive system that gives customers near instant results, while also allowing them to amend any previous details.

Shop Insurance Canada has expanded its rating engine to Ride Sharing Insurance (, where customers can get speedy quotes on Aviva Canada's newly launched ride-sharing specific auto insurance policy. The quote tool functions exactly the same, except that it is customized to cater for ride-sharing drivers operating for the likes of Uber and Lyft.

At Ride Sharing Insurance, users can see the cost of Aviva Canada's base auto insurance premium, and the total premium with the ride-sharing specific policy included.

The Shop Insurance Canada rating engine checks plenty of the right boxes, for a consumer experience that is hard to beat. Customers can get detailed and accurate quotes quickly, while the company will even follow up with email notification detailing the quote results. With one of the easiest interfaces on the market, Shop insurance Canada is a good place to find that auto insurance deal you have been searching for.

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