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Progressive insurance is one of the larger insurance companies in the United States, and thanks to American television and other advertising, Canadians are likely to have encountered it. The company promises low rates and easy quotes, as well as comparison quoting. Unfortunately, Progressive does not currently offer policies to Canadian drivers.

About Progressive Insurance

Progressive Insurance has been in business since 1937, making it a well-established company. The company has made a name for itself in recent years by being a front runner in internet quoting services. They are on the cutting edge of new insurance options, discounts, and policy services.

Progressive Insurance is one of the few insurance companies to offer buyers quotes from other insurance companies through their website. This allows them to compare rates and determine if the Progressive rate is a good deal. Their strong presence in the media has made them one of the most recognizable names in car insurance.

Progressive Insurance in Canada

While Progressive does not offer policies to Canadian drivers and does not maintain a Canadian presence, there are many other large U.S. companies who do provide service to Canadians.

It is possible that Progressive Insurance Canada could be a potential future expansion for the company. Currently there is no such entity. There are many other reputable and well-known insurance companies that can and do provide similar services in Canada.

Top Canadian Insurance Companies

There are multiple insurance companies offering coverage to Canadian drivers. Some of them are Canadian companies, while other are international companies. Among the top insurance companies offering coverage similar to Progressive Insurance are:

Aviva Insurance

As one of the biggest insurance companies in the world, Aviva Insurance has a wide variety of products and a great deal of experience insuring Canadian drivers. Like Progressive, Aviva has a strong online presence and offers online quoting as well as other online services.

State Farm Insurance

As one of the biggest names in insurance in the United States, State Farm offers Canadian drivers policies as well with a very strong reputation to back them. Like Progressive, State Farm has a very large customer base in the U.S., but has expanded to Canada as well.

Intact Insurance

Formerly known as ING, Intact is Canada's biggest personal lines insurance provider, offering home and life in addition to auto insurance. ING is an international insurance company offering car insurance policies to Canadian drivers.

Unica Insurance

For Canadians who want to purchase their insurance from a 100% Canadian insurance company, Unica is a great choice. This top insurance company is among the biggest providers of auto insurance companies to Canadian drivers, and also offers other personal lines policies.

Allstate Insurance

Allstate is another of the largest insurance companies in the United States that offers policies to Canadian drivers. Allstate has a very strong online presence much like Progressive and has been at the forefront of policy innovations and coverage options including things like accident forgiveness and other options.

Canadian and American Insurance Companies

While Canadian and American insurance policies are very similar, American insurance companies such as Progressive can't offer insurance coverage to Canadian drivers unless they are established as an insurance company in Canada. Insurance companies writing insurance policies for Canadian drivers must be in compliance with the Insurance Act and all other Canadian laws and regulations.

While Progressive Insurance could possibly write insurance in Canada in the future, currently drivers can look to the above and other multiple options for insurance quotes on Canada's roads.

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