Easyway Insurance Brokers

Published on Jun 04, 2012

Ontario-based Easyway Insurance provides special-risk car insurance that helps drivers who have problems on their driving records to obtain affordable insurance coverage. The company caters to drivers who have been non-renewed or refused coverage at their former insurance companies due to tickets, accidents or other issues like drunk driving offences. As brokers, they deal with a variety of Canadian insurance companies including big names like Aviva and Coachman.

The company offers special benefits that other insurance companies do not such as re-rating immediately when a ticket or accident falls off a driver’s record rather than waiting for renewal. Features like these have made them one of the top special-risk insurance brokers in Canada.

Easyway Insurance company information can be located on their website at easywayinsurance.ca, where you can obtain quotes and policy information. Easyway Brokers can also be reached toll free via telephone at 1-866-388-3034.

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