Desjardins General Insurance

Published on Jun 04, 2012

Part of one of Canada’s largest insurance and financial services groups, Desjardins General Insurance Company provides a wide range of property and casualty products to Canadians. Their products include auto and home, and they also insure motorcycles and recreational vehicles. In combination with the other Desjardins companies they provide a complete insurance and financial picture for Canadians. Desjardins uses a true direct approach with a low cost rate structure that ensures affordable rates. Desjardins General Insurance offers policies in Ontario, Quebec and Alberta, with subsidiaries Certas Direct and Certas Home and Auto offering policies in Ontario and Alberta.

Online quoting is available for Desjardins General Insurance at the website, and through select quote comparison websites. The company can also be contacted toll free at 1-877-699-9923 for quotes, questions and information. Policy management for Desjardins customers is also available on the website.

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