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Published on Oct 10, 2013
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The 50 plus insurance market has exploded over the past decade or so in Canada, as the insurance industry has started to recognize that mature drivers are some of the best and safest on the road. Insurance companies now offer a lot more features and choices on car insurance for 50 plus drivers, and there are even companies dedicated to the over 50 market. Mature drivers can benefit from their experience if they take the time to find a company that appreciates their experience.

Why Drivers Over 50 Are a Good Insurance Risk.

Car insurance quotes are based on the concept of risk. The company collects premiums from drivers and accepts a financial responsibility for their actions that may cost the company far more than they will ever see from those premiums. The higher the risk of a claim, the more expensive a driver can expect their insurance policy to be. It stands to reason than that of an inexperienced driver, or one with traffic tickets or accidents on their driving record, will pay a higher premium. That driver represents a greater risk to the insurance company based on their lack of experience or their past driving errors.

When it comes to 50 plus insurance, Canada has a variety of insurance companies that now recognize that this segment of the population represents a lower risk and should pay lower rates. Drivers over the age of 50 have been driving for a long time, and all of that time spent on the road has given them experience, good judgment and driving skills that can avoid accidents and claims.

Car insurance for 50 plus drivers should cost less because these drivers are among the safest on the road. They are a low risk for the insurance company, and the rates reflect this.

The Best Insurance Quotes for 50 Plus Drivers.

Getting 50 plus insurance quotes is easier today than it has ever been. The insurance industry has recognized the need to provide mature drivers with the policies and rates that fit their lifestyle and safe driving habits. While it might once have required dozens of phone calls to find companies that offer good rates to mature drivers and get quotes from them, the modern age has simplified the process.

Internet quoting is the best way to gain access to 50 plus insurance quotes quickly and easily. It allows you to compare not only rates, but coverage as well, especially with all of the detailed rating information that is now available on various insurance companies. In order to get the most accurate insurance quotes for 50 plus drivers Canada based websites are often the best choices, although there are excellent sites that cover both the US and Canada as well.

When comparing rates, remember that one of the easiest ways to get a lower rate on your car insurance is to insure it at the same place as your home, as most companies offer a discount for this. This doesn't mean that you should simply insure your car wherever your home is, but that you can save by shopping around for both policies at the same time, usually in the same place online.

There is definitely a lot to be said for maturity, especially when it comes to the cost of your insurance. You have proven yourself to be a good driver and a responsible person, and when it comes time to compare insurance quotes these facts should be reflected in the numbers. Because insurance rates are based on risk, it makes sense that 50 plus insurance rates should match the lowered risk that safe, experienced drivers present. Comparing rates is the best way to make sure you are being rewarded properly for so many years of safe driving!

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