Car insurance tips for young drivers

Published on Apr 15, 2012

Young/New drivers often pay higher insurance premiums due to their limited amount of driving experience. Here are some easy tips on how you can make sure you receive the lowest possible insurance rates.

1. Driving Training Discount

Most insurance companies offer a Driver Training Discount. In order to be eligible for this make sure you take a driver training course that is recognized by your insurance company

2. Occasional Drivers

Premiums for occasional drivers are usually much lower than premiums for principle drivers therefore you may want to gain your initial driving experience as an occasional driver under the insurance policy of a parent/guardian. Once you have had the opportunity to build up your driving record and are listed as a principal on your own insurance policy you will pay a lower premium

3. Student Discounts

Some insurance companies also offer student discounts. If you are a student make sure you shop around and check with a bunch of insurance companies to see if you can take advantage of this discount

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