Car insurance buying tips for all drivers

Published on Apr 19, 2012
1. Driving History

Build a good driving history by driving safe and staying free of accidents/convictions

2. Discounts

Look for discounts. Numerous driver discounts are available in the insurance market and you should check to see if you qualify for any. Some common discounts are listed below however many sure you check your insurance provider/broker for all eligible discounts

3. Driving Training Discount

Driver Training Discount are available for individuals who have completed a recognized driver-training program

4. Group Discount

You may be eligible to a group discount through your employers, union or professional association

5. Multi Vehicle Discount

Depending on how many vehicles you decide to register under a single insurance policy you may receive a 5-15% discount

6. Multi Policy Discount

Insuring your car and home with the same company could allow you a discount of 3-5%

7. Renewal Discount

Many insurance companies provide a loyalty discount if you have been with the company for a reasonable number of years and been free of at-fault accidents

8. Quote Comparison

Be a comparison shopper and look around at a number of local insurance providers/brokers before you sign on to a policy. Different companies can provide different discounts depending on the individual

9. Required Coverage

Analyze exactly how much coverage you need and only purchase that coverage. For example if you have an older vehicle it may not be worth it to get comprehensive coverage on the vehicle and only minimal coverage may be necessary

10. Higher Deductible

Consider getting a higher deductible. This means paying more out of pocket in the event of an accident but also means lower premiums

11. On Time Payments

Pay your premiums on time in order to ensure a valid, active policy at all times. If your policy is repeatedly canceled due to late payments other insurance companies may deem you a high risk customer and you could end up paying higher rates for future insurance policies

12. Vehicle Choice

Always keep in mind the possible cost of insurance when purchasing a vehicle. Vehicles with more safety features usually help reduce the cost of your policy

13. Stick with one Company

Don't switch policies mid-way through a policy. This can help you avoid cancellation penalties

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