Calgary Flood Takes Residents by Surprise

Published on Oct 10, 2013

June 25, 2013

Calgary, AB - Residents of Calgary, Alberta find they are overwhelmed by the speed at which the province's flooding has overtaken streets, homes, and businesses, and are scrambling to protect their families and possessions in the wake of such a disaster. Residents report shock at the encroaching floodwaters after days of rainfall have caused the Elbow and Bow rivers to swell uncontrollably and send water into neighborhoods and communities around Calgary.

Several areas within Calgary have been declared a state of local emergency because of the flooding. Due to governmental concern over the escalating water levels in the Bow and Elbow rivers, announcements were made regarding several evacuation points within town. Many communities within Calgary faced mandatory evacuations due to the emergency declaration.

Numbers suggest that the evacuations have impacted at least 75,000 people, with many residents finding they have no choice but to leave home and stay in a hotel in a safer area. Anxious residents concerned about their livelihoods, families, and possessions have been forced to wait without knowing whether they would have a house and vehicle upon their return home.

Other areas in the province with torrential rain and flooding problems include Canmore, which is around 100 kilometers away from Calgary and has been completely inundated by floodwaters. Residents report that small streams that usually flowed through town at a trickle were engorged with water and causing dangerous rising waters. Concern exists for the residents in Canmore due to the lack of roads in and out of the area due to the flooding.

High River, another city significantly impacted by the flooding, was placed under a mandatory evacuation and reports from the area suggested the waters rose so fast that people were stuck inside their vehicles or on the roofs of their homes. Many residents fear the destruction of houses and property when they return home.

The provincial government of Alberta is offering financial assistance to residents impacted by the disaster under the "Disaster Recovery Program" because concerns exist as to whether the city government will be able to provide timely recovery aid to residents. In the past residents might have needed to wait for the city government to provide funding for recovery, but the new program offers residents local registration options for obtaining assistance.

Residents who choose to apply for disaster recovery aid will need to visit one of the special sites set up for applications and provide evidence of residency and a list of damaged possessions. Residents are also requested to provide information from their insurance company if it turns out a loss isn't covered under a policy. Unfortunately, some residents will not have all the insurance protections they need against the disaster.

This natural disaster illustrates the importance of protecting family, home, and livelihood with disaster preparedness and insurance protections so as to guard against such loss in the future. When seeking Calgary car insurance quotes or information on other insurance protections, it's vital to discuss what protections a policy will offer in the event of a natural disaster and complete loss of property.

The flooding in Calgary is a perfect example of a major event that nobody suspects and which changes people's lives forever. Emergencies and disasters aren't events that happen on a regular timetable, so ensuring a family has all the protections and security it needs to survive the disaster remains essential.

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