What to do if you get pulled over

Published on Apr 29, 2012
1. Pull over

As soon as you see flashing police lights in your rear view mirror, turn on your right signal and pull over as soon as possible keeping safety in mind

2. Take safety precautions

Once pulled over turn off your engine, roll down your window and put your hands on the steering wheel. If driving at night turn on the interior light.

3. License and registration

Make sure you license and registration is handy since this is usually the first thing a police officer will ask for.

4. Don't admit anything

When talking with the officer don't admit any guilt. It is usually acceptable to answer all questions with a simple yes or no and if an officer has already decided to give you a ticket there is very little change you can convince them otherwise. Also note you cannot pay your traffic fines directly to your officer since the ticket is usually mailed. Insisting on paying at the time you are pulled over could be perceived as offering a bribe which is illegal.

5. Car Search

During a pullover an officer can only search your car if they have probable cause to believe you have something illegal concealed or perceive you as dangerous.

6. Cooperate

If an officer asks you to get out of the car it is important to cooperate.

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