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British Columbia's motorcycle licensing program requires you to pass a written test and two road tests in order to reach the full Class 6 motorcycle license, unless you already hold a Class 1-5 driver's license, in which case you will be able to skip the novice stage.

1. Pass the Written Knowledge Test

The first step to getting your B.C. motorcycle license is to study the motorcycle handbook and then pass a written test based on the information it contains. This test will focus on motorcycle-related rules of the road as well as road signs in B.C.. Everyone must take this test and obtain a Class 8L learner's permit, whether or not you have another license already. You can prepare for this test by taking the practice learner's tests on

2. Take a Motorcycle Safety Course

The best way to prepare yourself for the road test is to take a motorcycle training course that will teach you to ride safely and handle the bike properly. can direct you to a motorcycle riding school in your area.

3. Take The Motorcycle Skills Test

After 30 days with your Class 8L license, you can take a motorcycle skills test. This will lift some of the restrictions on your 8L license if you pass it. You can then prepare for the road test. If you hold a Class 1-5 license, you can skip this stage and go straight to the Class 6 road test.

4. Take the Class 8N Road Test

If you do not hold another full license, you must take the first road test for your Class 8N Novice motorcycle license. Schedule your test at the nearest B.C. Driver Licensing location. You can take this test after you have held your Class 8L license for at least 12 months. Once passed, you can ride with fewer restrictions until you are ready to take the advanced road test. Again, if you hold a Class 1-5 license, you don't need to go through this part of the program.

5. Take the Class 6 Road Test

After 24 months in the Novice stage and with a clean driving record during that time, you can take the Class 6 advanced road test to obtain your full motorcycle license. Drivers holding a full license Classes 1-5 will go straight to this test after 30 days on the 8L license.

6. Get Insured

Every licensed rider in B.C. has to have insurance by law. can help you to get insurance quotes and get the coverage you need.

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